Sunday, June 19, 2011


Assalamualykum Friends,

We have just uploaded new design of Hijab brand AKEL. This one is in great demand now whereby the pattern is very prestigious and articulately presented.

There are 2 patterns, the first one is plain and have dual-tone of color on both sides. You may wear the hijab reversible according to your desired color :)

Second one is printed with flower design at the edge of hijab. This make the hijab looks elegant and exclusive.

All the AKEL Hijab is RM25/pc. Purchase above 3 hijabs, (include from ROZELLO hijab), FREE one pair of Syria Sock!

Why Wait? Book your order now to us: Please Email to Us:

Light Cream With Gold Flower Printed
Habibe 001

Choc Moist With Light Brown Flower Printed
Habibe 002
*hijab4nisa favorite*

Light Green Moss With Moss Flower Printed
Habibe 003

Light Lavender With Dark Purple Flower Printed
Habibe 004

Snow White and Black Flower Printed
Habibe 005

Black Panda with White Flower Printed
Habibe 006

Soft Pink with Pink Flower Printed
Habibe 007

Light & Dark Turqoise
Ulya 001
*Hijab4Nisa Favorite*

Light & Dark Sky Blue
Ulya 002

Light & Dark Purple
Ulya 003

Purple Pink Roses
Ulya 004


  1. assalamualaikum..
    habibe 003,004,006 dan 007 ade lg x?
    klu ade nk order..

  2. waalaikumussalam.. azie.. maaf, stok habibe dah habis :(

  3. akak saya dah buat payment pada akak tapi saya x tahu macam mna nk contact akak..