Saturday, August 20, 2011

50 inches AKEL HIJAB || ZEHRAA ||

Alhamdulillah.. It is 3rd phase of Ramadhan! Happy fasting to all & hope this phase our ibadah in Ramadhan is much better. Insyaallah..

Thanks to Allah.. For this time, hijab4nisa added one more new collections of AKEL Hijab.

50 inches in length
Materials: 100% polyestere
Made in Turkey
Cool, light & Easy to shape in your lovely face
It is a design of autumn flower :)
Those who have a simple and plain attire can match with this hijab insyaallah..

To make an order, kindly pls fill in the order form here. Thanks you ladies!
Zehraa 001 - Green Moss

Zehraa 002 - Black Swan

Zehraa 003 - Grey & Pink

Zehraa 004 - Blue sky

Zehra 005 - Orang Blossom

Zehraa 006 - Blue Dolphine

Zehra 007 - Light Grey

Zehra 008 - Pale Purple

zehra 009 - Purple

Zehra 010 Sweet Pink

Zehra 011 Choc Moss

Zehraa 012 Light Brown

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

50 inches Hijab

Salam Ramadhan To All Musleem!

Alhamdulillah, new collections for Hijab 50 inches has been added.
Most of the color are same with ZULFA.
Here comes to you Hijab Farha, a simple and elegant design for you to grab!

Material is 100% polyestere.
Made from Turkey
50 inches hijab @ RM20/pc

Why wait? Fill in the ORDER FORM to place your order (^__^)

60 Inches AKEL - SULHA

Dear Ladies,
Salam Ramadhan to all :)
We're happy to announce that, we have added new collections of AKEL Hijab name SULHA.
It is 60 inches in length, plain color, sweet and soft (^__^)
Suitable to match with your flowering dress.
The price is MYR23 only!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stock Updates!

Assalamualaykum and ssalam ramadhan Kareem,

Due to high demand of some hijabs, there was a few of hijabs that were not available:

1) Zulfa 005 - Sweet Pink
2) Zulfa 011 - Cream Cheese
3) Zulfa 014 - Ocean Blue
4) Habibe 006 - Black Panda
5) Ulya 004 - Purple Pink Roses

InsyaAllah, other stocks are available. For sweet pink & cream cheese lovers, we have other hijabs with same colors & different design. Named it as Farha. 50 inches in length & RM20 per pc.

Farha 001 - Sweet Pink

Farha 002 - Cream Cheese

We thanks u for your support.

hijab4nisa Team